Day 2: Snow! 

This morning we awoke to flurries.  The gorgeous, crisp mountains that we saw for the last two days disappeared behind a wall of grey. That could only mean one thing: snow! We ate a quick breakfast and headed back to the same resort as yesterday, Happo.

Tessa asked to go to ski school, so we dropped her off. Then Mark, Cy and I headed up the mountain with Yokohama friends who also happened to ski in Hakuba at the same time. Cy was beside himself to learn that one of his closest friends from school was coming here at the same time, and all kids and adults enjoyed the company.

  Our hunch about the snow was right. The flurries at the hotel quickly picked up as we gained altitude. Hard snow fell all day, at times in near whiteout conditions. We all placed bets on how much snow fell at the peak today; tomorrow morning we see who was right!

 It’s nighttime now and light flurries continue. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for more snow as we embark on our last ski day before heading home. 

5 thoughts on “Day 2: Snow! 

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