Christmas in Hawaii: Kauai

In 2016 we went to Hawaii and really loved our time there. Traveling to Hawaii is much easier from Japan than from Washington DC, so we decided to visit Hawaii again before leaving Japan. Mark’s youngest brother Marshall moved to Hawaii this year, so that made our decision easy.

We started on the island of Kauai, where we enjoyed a visit to Waimea Canyon…


….the ubiquitous chickens, whose population exploded with the destruction of Kauai’s chicken enclosures after Hurricane Iniki in 1992 …..


….a stop at the National Tropical Botanical Garden…..


A ziplining tour with Koloa Ziplines….

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….and our favorite, a helicopter ride over Waimea Canyon, the waterfall from the Jurassic Park movies, and the utterly breathtaking Napali coast.


After five days of beautiful Kauai, we moved on to the Big Island–stay tuned for that report!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Hawaii: Kauai

  1. Donald Kane

    Loved your email/post. Thank you for sending.HAPPY NEW YEARDon PS when we visited before the big hurricane in 92 or so, our guide in the botanical gardens pointed out a Poinsettia bush that was impacted  by a street lamp.  The plant responds to light during the year and will bloom (red leaves) when the daylight is at a minimum (like around Christmas).  But, where the street lamp/light shined at night on parts of the bush, it remained green in that portion.  


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