‘Tis the Season: Christmas Trappings from the 100 Yen Store

At least once a week I pop into Daiso, the ubiquitous chain of 100 yen stores. Christmas decorations are at a peak right now, and here’s a glimpse of what’s for sale…..

Santa suits for the whole family! Note that the women’s version costs 500 yen and the men’s is only 400 yen, even though the women’s costume contains far less fabric and is much easier to produce (skirt versus pants). Does this higher price for the women’s version surprise any of my lady friends out there? I didn’t think so.


Check out this awesome cookie cutter! Allegedly you can making a standing tree by connected the two baked pieces. Of course I bought this, even though I seriously doubt that it will actually work once the cookies are baked and puff up a little.


Even though it’s just the first week of December, Christmas decorations will start to peter out in the stores over the coming week. New Years decorations like the ones below have already started appearing, and they will take over well before Christmas Day.


And finally, possibly my favorite picture frame ever; I want to buy this and leave the “holder” image in there. Until now I never realized that I need the following sentiment framed:

Chicken. Conscience does make cowards of us all.



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