Back to School! But First, a Few Last Ski Thoughts About the Ice Village

We returned from our Hokkaido ski trip on Sunday evening, and we all returned to the work-school routine the next day. So here are a few final thoughts and photos from our first ski adventure to Hokkaido.

Pausing at the top of the mountain for a roasted marshmallow break

In my last post I mentioned an ice village. I saw this on the website and didn’t expect much. Then we showed up to see said ice village. I was floored.

Each shop within the ice village consisted of ice block walls with a canvas roof. About half of the shops were look-at places: ice florist, ice haute couture, and so on. The rest sold fondue, adult beverages, and souvenirs. We didn’t stop to partake in any drinks or snacks–because it was absolutely freezing. Like, FREEZING freezing, and well below. Even with Arctic grade parkas I don’t know how the staff members did it.

The kids and Mark enjoyed the ice slide, while I enjoyed watching them ricochet around the sides of the chute. We thought that Mark would go the fastest since he weighs the most, but he almost got stuck because of his jeans–apparently denim and ice aren’t a terribly fast combination. We watched one girl in slick nylon ski pants bounce around like a pinball and shoot over the pile of snow acting as a bumper.

Yay, winter! We had a blast and hope to return to Tomamu.


The skating rink with the Ice Village behind it
A solid ice chapel hosts weddings


A bridal gown at the Haute Couture shop–just in case you need fresh material for your nightmares
The Ice Bar, complete with solid ice serving “glasses”


Giant marshmallows on a stick are a Thing here, and genius considering that marshmallows cost pretty much nothing
Cy blurs by on the ice slide
The Ghost of Tessa tries out the ice slide

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