Visiting Enoshima Island

IMG_2885The kids were on spring break this week, so on Wednesday we all headed out for a day trip. We chose Enoshima, a small island that sits just off the coast of the historic city of Kamakura. A causeway connects Enoshima to the mainland, and we all agreed that it looked very much like Mont Saint-Michel in France. In the summer Enoshima is overrun by day trippers, but we enjoyed the smaller crowds on a sunny, off-season day.

The island is dedicated to Benzaiten, the Buddhist goddess of music and entertainment, and several shrines are scattered about the island. We also visited the lighthouse tower that offered gorgeous panoramic views, tidal pools on the far side of the island, and Iwaya Cave.


Cy washes his hands at a temple’s entrance; he has seen this ritual enough times that he started doing it without prompting from us


A selfie stand! Notice the notched metal holder on the left side that holds a smart phone perfectly. I haven’t seen this before but I’m sure I’ll start noticing these stands everywhere


Tessa enjoys udon noodles in dipping sauce for lunch


Heading down to the tidal pools


Contemplating the ocean view from the entrance to Iwaya Cave




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