Japanese Potato Salad

Nope, not a euphemism. I’m talking about actual potato salad, in Japan.

The offering from Baytown’s grocery store, 145yen for 98 grams (roughly $5.70/lb).

Any time I pass near a prepared foods section of a grocery store, I always end up buying a small portion of potato salad. I used to buy some only when I was actually shopping for prepared foods, but I’ve given up practicing any restraint and get it pretty much every time I see it. Which is often. Which means that I eat a lot–and I mean a lot–of potato salad.

Many of you would not consider this a particularly Japanese dish, but I see it all over, both in grocery stores and restaurants.

I have given this particular type of potato salad a lot of thought–probably more than pretty much anyone would–and I’ve come up with the following characteristics that make it so incredibly awesome:

-Potatoes: cooked until really, really soft; almost mashed
-Cucumbers: the skinny, dense Japanese kind (not the watery, fat cukes from home), sliced into thin rounds
-Carrots: small dice, cooked until soft
-Mayo: the Japanese kind, kinda sweet–think more Miracle Whip and less Hellman’s
-Pork product: usually diced ham, sometimes bacon

And that’s it. There’s nothing terribly unusual about any one ingredient. But put the all together and it’s magic.

Gone in the time it took to write this post!

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