Day two in Sydney: the Harbour, The Rocks, and beach Towns

We truly meant to get the kids going early every day during the holiday. If we travel all the way to Sydney, we are up and early every day! we told them.


Day two we finally got the kids out the door around noon and started walking. We headed straight for the harbo(u)r, where we saw both the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After the requisite photos, we started wandering up and around the historic areas on either side.

Sydney was settled by the British as a penal colony. The convicts got the area known rather unimaginatively as The Rocks, now an insanely priced area of restored warehouses turned into loft-style offices and flats, Ye Olde taverns, and an endless supply of schoolchildren and tourists like us trudging along steep cobblestone streets.

Then we hopped on a 20 minute ferry ride to Manly Beach, reinforcing the notion that views from a boat never disappoint.

Manly Beach resembles the gorgeous beach towns of Southern California, reminding us of San Diego communities like Del Mar and La Jolla.

Tessa declared yet again that she is determined to move to Sydney for university. We shall see!

This evening Mark picked up a rental car, and tomorrow we drive inland to see some native critters and the mountains. Stay tuned!

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