Alas, no Fuji-san This Year….

This morning Mark and I awoke at 3AM, ready leave at 3:40 to pick up our friend Jamie before driving to Gotemba to meet the rest of the Fuji-san group. The biblical/monsoonal rain from the evening before persisted all night; the forecast predicted that the rain would end around 7AM, a little later than our desired hiking time. I checked for cancellation messages and found none waiting, so I set about last minute preps: getting dressed, packing the backpack–and for Mark, downing the first of several cups of coffee to stay awake for the drive.


At 3:39AM, we got the call: no Fuji-san today. Even though the rain was supposed to stop just before our hiking time, our group leader Vincent determined that the drive itself would be too hazardous, as well as the climb.

While disappointed, I agree that it was the right decision. I tried to wind down and return to bed. Meanwhile Mark Would. Not. Stop. Talking, thanks to those two cups of coffee. I headed back to bed.

Ah well. See you next year, Fuji-san.

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