The Wisteria Tunnel of Kawachi Fuji-en

At long last, the wisteria tunnel! During our visit to Kitakyushu last weekend, Tessa and I stopped by the absolutely incredible wisteria gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en. The light rain showers became fairly steady rain during our brief visit–not so good as personal comfort goes, but pretty amazing for photographic purposes with diffused light and misty backgrounds. Normally I would curate the selection of photos a little more carefully, but this time I’m just posting a lot. Because I can.

For those of you intrigued and interested in viewing wisteria next year, you don’t have to go all the way to Kitakyushu. Another famous wisteria park called Ashikaga Flower Park sits much closer to Tokyo, and tours from companies like Japanican make scheduling a visit easy.



2 thoughts on “The Wisteria Tunnel of Kawachi Fuji-en

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