Taipei, Day Two: Temples and Toilets

This morning we got a leisurely start out the door and headed for Bao’an Temple, a Taoist temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We wandered and snapped photos, then Mark and Cy sat for several minutes and sketched. Then we headed for Dihua Street, a main shopping street. We haggled for dried mangoes and grabbed a bite. Mark thought that it would be a great idea to task the kids with finding cool things to see in Taipei so they’re not simply getting dragged by their parents from one tourist site to the next. Go on YouTube!, he said. So they did. 

And that’s how we dined at Modern Toilet restaurant for dinner.  The things we do for our children….Dessert? A swirl of “poop” ice cream in a urinal dish. The kids started digging through the ice cream and announced what they found: Hey, it’s corn! And we shut down those jokes quick. 

After dinner we wandered the neighboring Ximen Youth Shopping District, a pedestrian shopping arcade full of neon and eye candy that reminded us of Japan. I later learned that the area was established as the first pedestrian shopping street during the Japanese colonial era. 

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