Let’s Eat Junk Food: Ebi Filet-o at McDonalds

In previous installments we tried Doritos and Oreos; today we find ourselves in Okinawa on vacation and humoring the older child, who celebrated a birthday yesterday. “I want McDonalds for lunch!” she declared. So off to the Golden Arches we went. 

I heard about the Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate fries, but they didn’t even look good in the photo.

A friend mentioned that the shrimp burger was pretty good, so I ordered an Ebi Filet-o to see for myself.

An Ebi Filet-o shrimp burger, under the hood…

…and close up. There’s actual shrimp in there!

It was ok. It looked and tasted like a Filet O Fish, only made from shrimp. And if you’ve never actually tasted a Filet O Fish, it tastes exactly how it looks.

The rest of the family sampled the standbys.

And the verdict:

Meh. It’s McDonalds. Our expressions pretty much say it all.

Cy wasn’t nearly as traumatized by his Double Cheeseburger as he appears in this photo
Mark’s Big Mac “tastes like a Big Mac”
Tessa samples the Quarter Pounder with Cheese

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