Not-Quite 72 Hours in Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Theme is Water

After three great weeks at our home in Washington DC, we packed up for the next stop in the U.S. Family Tour: Ann Arbor, home of my sister Joanna, her husband Richard, and their kids Ben and Ava.

Friday: tubing the Argo Cascades of the Huron River.

Saturday: Rolling Hills Water Park! We slid down the water slides. We lazed in the lazy river. The cousins struck silly poses. We even snuck in contraband fried chicken, then took it outside when busted by the water park manager.

Saturday night we kept the water theme going with hoppy water (beer) as we celebrated the first anniversary of Salt Springs Brewery in Saline. Friends of Joanna and Richard’s own the brewery, and both Richard and Ben contributed sweat equity to its construction. We raised a glass and enjoyed the delicious barbecue to celebrate their efforts.


Sunday morning we bid farewell to the family at an obscenely early hour as we headed for Detroit Metro Airport and our last U.S. stop: visiting with the Kane family in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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