Let’s Eat Junk Food: Metric vs. Imperial Oreos


A few weeks ago we started the journey of comparing American and Japanese versions of the same junk foods. In the first installment we sampled Doritos; recently we tried both American and Japanese Oreos, side by side.

FullSizeRender 8 copyThe junk food:  Oreos
The Japanese flavor: Original
The American flavor:  Original
The test subject: Tessa

You may recall that the Doritos flavors differed more than we expected. I came into this taste test expecting the Oreos to be identical in size and taste. Once again we were surprised!

Both cookies tasted pretty much the same, though the filling on the Japanese version was perhaps a tad less sweet. The colors varied slightly, which you can’t really see in the photo below. The sizes differed more than I expected. Perhaps the Japanese Oreos are Metric?

The bottom line: both versions are pretty much the same. Unless you try both side by side you wouldn’t even notice a difference.

Giant American Oreo on the left, smaller Japanese Oreo on the right

3 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Junk Food: Metric vs. Imperial Oreos

  1. donald-kane

    Great post—– BUT you should broaden your research to include a Padre Island test period. I volunteer all our guests. Bring on the Japanese Oreos. Grandpa Don

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