Let’s Eat Junk Food: Japanese vs. American Doritos

Last week my lovely and talented sister Joanna sent me this link about flavors of American junk food unique to Japan. “You find any of these?”, she asked. “Of course!”, I replied. And I do see odd versions of American staples like Kit Kat, Doritos, Cheetos, and Ritz most times I go to the store. I don’t usually buy them, though. Until now!

Joanna’s question got me thinking. Not only do I have the chance the try unique-to-Japan flavors of American junk food–thanks to the commissary (grocery store) on base, I also have the chance the purchase the original American version at the same time.

I know. I KNOW!!!

So this brings us to the first round of taste testing of Japanese and American flavors of the same item, which took place tonight after dinner.

Left, Mexican Taco Taste (Japanese); right, Nacho Cheese (American)

The junk food:  Doritos
The Japanese flavor: Mexican Taco Taste
The American flavor:  Nacho Cheese
The test subject: Mark

When I first thought of this idea I weighed the testing options: single blind, double blind, just ripping the bags open and eating, and so on. I leaned toward the Just Eat option myself, but the kids got bowls out and Mark donned a blindfold before I could say a word. So single blind it is.


The bags look remarkably similar: same size, same graphics. I expected them to taste the same as well, and we were surprised to find that they differed quite a bit. The American Nacho Cheese flavor tasted like…well, Doritos. The Japanese Mexican Taco Taste version tasted more like taco seasoning and sugar–imagine a packet of Old El Paso taco mix, plus sugar.

FullSizeRender 6 copy
The Nacho Cheese (American) flavor on the right appeared more heavily seasoned than the Mexican Taco (Japanese) on the left, but we all agreed that the Japanese Doritos seemed more strongly flavored

Our blindfolded subject immediately picked out the Japanese version. Three family members preferred the American Nacho Cheese version, while one, Obviously Lacking in Taste But Will Remain Nameless family member (cough cough Tessa) preferred the Japanese version.

Test one, complete!

Coming up: different junk food, with different blindfolded family members. Stay tuned!



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