‘Tis the (Sakura) Season: Nighttime O-Hanami

Japan has so many o-hanami (cherry blossom viewing) opportunities! One great variation is nighttime o-hanami, which I dragged the family to this past weekend. We visited Sankeien Garden right here in Yokohama, a beautiful park filled with historic buildings brought it from all over Japan. The ponds and gardens exemplify the beauty of Japanese landscaping, and featured exhibits change with the seasons.

I really enjoyed the chance to take some photos at night, something I haven’t done much of in the past. The lighting made for instantly gorgeous photos, and the shadows hid the crowds on the ground. Win-win!

Food stalls around the garden fed the hungry masses, though we decided to leave the Garden for a less crowded dinner elsewhere.




2 thoughts on “‘Tis the (Sakura) Season: Nighttime O-Hanami

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  2. Mary Ellen

    Just hope ypu are having a good time and taking lots of pics
    somekind of wood artwork not from 100 yen store
    Cy ands Tessa look wonderful – very good looking yougsters
    Love to all and let me know when you go to Nagasaki


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