Road Trip! The Japanese Rest Stop

On the road! We left this morning for our ski trip to Hakuba. Two hours in we felt peckish and stopped for a bite at a favorite spot: the highway rest stop.   

  The typical American rest stop includes fast food, bad coffee, doughnuts, dodgy souvenirs, and maybe one mediocre sit-down restaurant like Denny’s or Perkins. 

 Japanese rest stops don’t do dodgy anything. Our lunch choices today included ramen ordered from a ticket booth, a sit down restaurant with proper food, and a bakery. Souvenirs and beautifully wrapped food gifts rounded out the selections. Let’s not forget the cleanest bathrooms you’ll ever see–with heated toilet seats, natch.  

Bathroom at the Four Seasons? Nope. Just a Japanese rest stop.

We opted for the sit down restaurant and enjoyed ramen, tonkatsu pork, and karaage fried chicken.  


Back on the road!

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