Yesterday I chaperoned a school field trip to the zoo. I lucked out with a lovely group of kids, but I was still pretty wiped and not up for cooking dinner. The kids have noticed Domino’s pizza out in town and have begged to try it. So last night we did.

We’re not huge pizza order-ers, even back in the States. It’s not about the righteous, that-stuff-will-kill-you chefiness in me, either. I just don’t really care for delivery pizza and would rather consume those calories on my better, home-made pizza–or something else altogether.

So Domino’s! In Japan! They launched an English-language website several years ago, making ordering pretty straightforward.

You call that a large?
You call that a large?

The biggest differences? Basically, the Japanese version runs smaller and more expensive. A medium pizza in Japan (9 inches) is smaller than a small pizza in the U.S. (10 inches). The most expensive pizzas on the Domino’s Japan menu top out at 3950 yen, or about $32.

Ham-pineapple and parm-basil
Ham-pineapple and parm-basil

That said, sticking to the promotions and coupons brings the price down to more reasonable levels. After coupons and a Buy One Get One Free deal, I paid 1400 yen ($11.59) for two 12-inch pizzas with two toppings on each.

Many toppings are the same–pepperoni (though it’s slightly different than the U.S. version), veggies like peppers and onions, sausage, and so on. The Definitely Not the Same toppings? Potato, corn, mayo, crab gratin, and bouillabaisse sauce, to name a few.

Spinach-pancetta and sausage-mushroom
Spinach-pancetta and sausage-mushroom

You can choose two toppings on the whole pizza, or two toppings per pizza half for the same price. So one pizza was ham-pineapple on the left, parm and basil on the right. The other was spinach-pancetta on the left, Italian sausage-mushroom on the right.

Our pizzas arrived via moped 20 minutes after ordering. Mark deemed the pizzas hotter than in the U.S.

And they tasted like, well, Domino’s.

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